Mr. K. Kulanthaivel

Former Headmaster

Why I chose R R Dhurya?

R R Construction is known to me for more than a decade.

Their buildings elsewhere in the city stand a testimony to their architectural skill and ingenuity.

Why Nanjundapuram Dhurya?

Because of its location. It is within the city, yet away from the dust and din of it.

Why a Row  House?

Because I want to own an individual house and yet want to live in a community.

Any other merits?

I have been observing the construction going on now at the site.

No compromise made on quality. Suitable materials used. Plan executed meticulously.

Defying time and weather RR Construction will stand for generations.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to your organisation for your professionalism and the expediency in which you completed and upcoming projects the assigned construction project.
I have purchased one property in RR Sai Abhinav and the project was completed ahead of schedule and under budget. By personally undertaking all administrative process associated with the project and this made to me to book one more property in RR Dhurya right now.
Based on our relationship over the last seven years, the means and methods for accomplishing the work are always well -planned, well – supervised and well -executed.
Your crew was courteous, motivated, knowledgeable and proficient. You and your staff were kind, very professional and I am grateful for your concern in answering and questions and the work performed in such a timely manner.
Your people were uncompromising in their attention to detail and remained focused on quality, budget and timeliness.
In short, I was completely satisfied with the project and my experience with your organisation it is clear that your company is committed to excellence and I will continue to recommend your project to anyone in need of any construction project whether it is large or budget.
I would also like to thank you for your service to these points. I look forward to my continued relationship

Ms. Sobana Kesavan

Mr. P.S.Ramesh

Valvitalia India Pvt. Ltd.

On time delivery of the building. Affordable and appropriate price quality of the items used for construction is branded and good quality. After sales service / feedback is very good. A team of good and motivated people.

Have been engaging RR Constructions since 2002 and I am continuing to purchase homes till now which will continue further and the reason – the houses constructed were of excellent quality, craftsmanship and this team stands out for the honesty in whatever they commit for. Its very hard to find a construction company which follows ethics and principles and the one that i have found is RR Housing. I will certainly recommend RR Housing if you are looking for a home that is of highest quality and right price coupled with warmth of excellent customer service during the course of owning your dream home.

Mr. Dinesh Kumar

Happy Buyer of December

Mr. Kumaravel

Happy home buyer

I purchased 3 properties from RR Housing so far. The reason is that the entire home buying process has been such a joyous process from them. They answered every query that i put forth and gave me enough knowledge of the property that i was buying. After couple of years now, i am very satisfied with the after sales maintainance on the property. They are on a beck and call if something goes wrong. I would certainly buy my future properties with them.


Mr. Anand

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